What Oil Should You Use In A 2010 Alfa Romeo 159 (2.2 JTS)?

Unsure what oil is required for your 2010 Alfa Romeo 159 (2.2 JTS)?

Don’t wade through endless forum posts or long-winded articles – what you need to know about the right oil for your 2010 Alfa Romeo 159 (2.2 JTS) is below.

The correct oil for the 2010 Alfa Romeo 159 with 2.2 JTS engine is 5W-40.

Alfa Romeo recommended Selenia branded oil from new, but it can be very challenging to find this in some markets and prices can be high. You should be fine to use any premium oil from a reputable manufacturer such as Mobil, Castrol, Penrite, Shell or similar.

Using the correct oil is essential for the long-term reliability of your car. To reiterate, you should use 5W-40 for your 2010 Alfa Romeo 159 (2.2 JTS).

You may also consider using 0W-40 – depending on conditions and your driving requirements.

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