How Many Years For Timing Belt Replacement On The 2007 Alfa Romeo 156 (2.4 M-Jet)?

On this page you’ll find a clear, concise answer on the time/age at which you need to replace the timing belt on your 2007 Alfa Romeo 156 with the 2.4 M-Jet engine.

At launch, your 2007 Alfa Romeo 156 (2.4 M-Jet) had a recommended timing belt replacement time of 5 Years.

However, owing to failures occurring earlier than this official replacement timeframe, the recommended timing belt replacement time/age for your 2007 Alfa Romeo 156 (2.4 M-Jet) is 4 years recommended, 5 maximum.

Use 4 years recommended, 5 maximum and not 5 Years, unless you want to risk premature timing belt failure and expensive engine damage.

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